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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Photo Session and a Life Update

Greetings, blog readers!

I am very sorry I have not been updating this as often as I should be lately. With my summer classes starting next week I've been quite busy trying to figure out lesson ideas (as well as spend time with my hometown friends, of course!)

A brief life update: I still have not heard back for the part-time middle school art teacher position, but I fortunately have a phone interview tomorrow morning for an elementary school art position in the same city (also part-time). Here's hoping for the best! In the meantime, whilst hoping for a job in the Quad Cities, my lovely friend and fellow Art Education major Daun and I have been looking at apartments in the area. We both fell in love with the Moline High School Lofts, an apartment complex that was converted from an old high school. What could be better than two teachers living in an old school anyway?

I started my Japanese private lessons with my student who was continuing from my official class. It was very nice to be able to see and work with her again. We have some catching up to do since she's going to need to relearn the hiragana characters, but we started on adjectives and katakana yesterday and she's been doing well with that. I'll also now be taking on a second student for prviate lessons - the mother of the nine-year-old called me back and scheduled a time once a week for her son, which I'm very excited about!

In lolita news, I modeled for some summer photos today for my friend, Ben. In exchange for a free meal, he gave his portfolio some padding and I got a few gorgeous photos. Here are my favorites:

This coordinate is almost entirely Bodyline - the headbow, necklace, and wristcuffs are offbrand.

Working with Ben was a lot of fun! He normally shoots concert photographs, so lolita was very new to him. He basically gave me free reign over my poses and where I wanted to take pictures, which had its pros and cons (I tend to prefer a little more instruction from my photograhers, especially when they're trying to capture very specific auras). I will be doing cyberpunk fashion for Anime Iowa and will most likely commission him for that shoot since he did such a great job!


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