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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Product Review: John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

Seeing as my college graduation ceremony is tomorrow I figured my hair could use a color boost. I've decided to review the product I used here because haircare is something that matters in both the lolita and educational realms. In regards to lolita, hair is simply part of the package deal - you want it to look nice, and if you color your hair and choose not to wear wigs you want something that will go with your style. With being a teacher you want to keep yourself looking clean and well put-together (again, it's really just part of the package).

This was my first time trying out this coloring product. I used John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 3VR (Deep Cherry Brown). I purchased this from my local Wal*Mart for about $12, placing it as one of the more expensive hair coloring products Wal*Mart had to offer (I'm sure you could find this at Sally's or another beauty supply store too).

The box came with the colourant, developer, conditioner, foamer, instructions, and gloves - so the standard box-hair-dye package. What was different about this product, however, was that the dye came out as foam rather than liquid.

Using foam over the normal liquid hair-dye was interesting. I liked it in that it was easy to get everything covered, but not having the standard dye bottle with the fine tip for sectioning made it hard to cover areas without getting dye on the skin (such as around the ears). The instructions were pretty straight forward and easy to follow. I liked that there were photographs instead of just written instructions, so if you're a visual person such as myself you'll probably find these more user-friendly as well.

Mixing the developer and color was also different from the norm, in that you don't shake the bottle but rather tilt it back and forth a few times (the instructions don't recommend more than 5 to keep the foam from getting too liquidy). After the dye is mixed you place the foamer on top and squeeze the sides of the bottle to release the foam - pretty straight-forward and easy and figure out, just different.

You only have to let the dye sit in your hair for 20 minutes, but I normally do 30 just to be safe. This was the end result:

Overall, I don't think it turned out half bad! I like the end result and the process was a bit easier than the standard coloring routine. I would recommend this product, just prepare to have your ears turned whatever color you're using (unless you're quite skilled with foam).

As a final hair tip, I use this product to help keep the color longer:

Tiger Protein Reconstructor costs about $30 and can be found in a general hair salon; it's pricey but trust me, it's worth it, especially if you use red coloring. Using Tiger will keep your color longer and and will help keep it very healthy if you are someone who dyes their hair frequently.

Got a favorite coloring product that you swear by? Please comment and let the world know!


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  1. what color was your hair before you dyed it?