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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Obligatory Introduction Post

Greetings to all who may stumble across this, and heaven forbid - read this of their own free will!

I'd like to introduce myself, as I feel that introductions are the proper thing to do in a first blog post. Although those who already know me will recognize my identity through the outfit photos and such I will be posting on this blog, the rest of the world can know me as Loli-Sensei. Or, if you happen to frequent LiveJournal, you might also know me as Esperella. I am choosing to write as Loli-Sensei on this particular blog, because I am a lolita as well as a teacher, and this is what this blog is about - being a lolita, and a teacher (ta-da!)

I wanted to start a blog about this because I know that there are many lolita teachers out there, however I haven't seen any blogs about this existence between two worlds, and I feel like just maybe I could give some good insight into what this existence is all about. I don't want to bore you all with day-to-day drab and nonsense. I'd like to talk about real issues that I face in the education world, such as:

budget cuts
classroom management
lesson planning
community events

And I'd also like to look at issues that I face in the lolita world:

new print releases
hair/makeup tutorials
outfit posts
purchase reviews
public reactions

Of course, I believe that my topics should also be influenced by what people want to read about. So your suggestions and questions are always welcome! You can email them to me at teachpretty@gmail.com. Just put in the subject "Blog Topic", so that I know not to delete it.

Now, I'd like to spend the rest of this post telling you a little more about myself and what I am currently doing. I've been wearing lolita for over one year - I will never claim to be an "expert" on the fashion, or the "best" lolita in existence, because there are many young women out there who have been doing this for far longer. But, after a year I've gone through and come out of my "ita phase", found what styles work best for me, and have made and learned from all of the classic newbie mistakes so that I can better educate those interested in taking the plunge into lolifying their wardrobes. I do take lolita seriously - while I respect it as a hobby and something to have fun with, I recognize that it is something that takes a lot of time, and a lot of money. I would never recommend someone to begin being lolita unless they completely understood the investment, an investment that is to the self.

What gives me the greatest joy about lolita is that it has helped me learn to take better time in making my appearance in and out of the fashion a priority, and it has helped me learn to better coordinate my mainstream and professional attire while giving me a boost in self confidence (you need it to go out in public looking like you hopped right out of a fairy tale book) and a pride in a hobby that is not entirely well-known in America.

In two days, I will be receiving my BA in Art Education, which is extremely exciting! Art has always been something I've been very passionate about. As a small side-job I design fractal posters to sell, and I love digital photography - portraits and nature photos particularly. Here are a couple samples of my work:

 In case the watermark didn't give it away, the studio name I work under is "New Era Artwork". I have a Facebook fanpage you can find and "like", if you wish.

But hand-in-hand with my passion for art is my love of teaching children to appreciate art and find a new way to express themselves creatively and safely. Although I am certified to teach K-12 Art, I would love to eventually obtain a K-5 job, since the younger crowd is where I shine the most. Today I actually interviewed for a part-time art teaching job at an intermediate school in the town over from where I went to college, which is great because this happens to be the same district I student taught in. I will know by next week whether or not I got the job and will be moving to Iowa!

I feel that this has probably sufficed in terms of introductions. I hope you continue to check back for more updates. But of course, before I close out for the evening, I'll present you with an outfit post:

This is what I wore yesterday - a more "artsy" take on classic lolita in attempt to bring good vibes my way before the job interview that was this afternoon. My friend took me to Panera to celebrate being done with college; it was quite nice! The skirt is from Bodyline (great quality, by the way), but the rest of the outfit is offbrand.

Thank you for reading! I hope you check back in the future and follow Teach Pretty to hear more about the life of a wacky lolita teacher!


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